A suicide blast occurred at the Kabul International Cricket Stadium during the Shpageeza Cricket League T20 in Afghanistan’s Kabul. All of the players are safe and have been hurried into a bunker.

The event occurred during a match between the Band-e-Amir Dragons and the Pamir Zalmi. The United Nations was present at the stadium when the explosion occurred.

The Shpageeza Cricket League is an annual Twenty20 cricket tournament held in Afghanistan by the Afghanistan Cricket Board.

The Shpageeza competition is established with eight franchises, which include players from the national team, overseas, the ‘A’ squad, and the under 19 team, as well as exceptional performances from their respective regions.

Furthermore, ACB has given the league a sense of identity by franchising all teams, with players chosen in a draught for each team.

As mayhem ensued following the explosion, fans were observed fleeing to safety as tensions rose among all those present in the stadium.

“A bomb occurred during a play between two clubs in the Shpageza League; four citizens in the crowd were hurt,” ACB Chief Executive Nassib Khan stated in a statement.

The explosion came two days after an explosion at the gate of Kabul’s Gurdwara Karte Parwan. The incident resulted in no fatalities.

According to media reports, Naseeb Khan stated that the explosion occurred amid cricket fans and that no cricket staff or foreigners were injured.

Following the explosion, a video of individuals in terror seeking shelter in a safe spot has gone popular on social media.

On social media, a video captured after the explosion at the Kabul International Cricket Stadium has gone viral. During the Sixth Match, an explosion occurred at a gathering area for cricket fans.

According to Tolo News, there were few information provided regarding the explosion.

A video circulating on social media claims to show the immediate aftermath of the bombing at the Kabul International Cricket Stadium. More information is not yet available.

The clip, which is circulating on social media, depicts the moments following the explosion on Kabul’s international cricket pitch.

Eyewitnesses that the explosion happened at the Kabul International Cricket Stadium during the Shpagize competition. Officials from the security services have yet to comment.